Spring is coming, and that means it’s time to put away the turtlenecks and make your face and body irresistible again.

But this got me thinking, just what is it about a simple black choker? Once you’ve put one on, you just want to scream. Why is that?

Not only do they go with every kind of outfit, but they enhance just any look you’re going for.

Wear it with a leather jacket and you’ll look badder.
Wear it with formal attire and you’ll look more classier.
Wear it with kiddie clothes and you’ll look cuter.
Wear it with a business suit and you’ll look smarter.
Wear it with goth attire and you’ll look darker.
Wear it with soulful clothes and you’ll look funkier.
Wear it with just underwear and you’ll look sexier.

And all it is is a black ribbon. It’s magic!

But allow me to explain.

The choker is not included in most attires; it is solely an accessory. When you have a dress or outfit, you’re usually good to go.

But with a black choker, there is just so much that it compliments. Your face for one. With an additional feature to stare at, you head has another layer of beauty. Don’t have piercings? Don’t like applying makeup? No worries!

Unless you are wearing another necklace, you don’t really have anything to occupy that chest area. A black choker, however, is easily noticeable, and adds depth to any outfit.

Additionally, black is a color that goes great with any other color, so a black choker gives you an additional color to your outfit that’s neutral and high in contrast.

And let’s not forget, chokers are cheap, regardless of what material you buy one in: Velvet, satin, leather, latex, or nylon. So what are you waiting for? Buy some in many different widths and feel the magic!

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