Chokers are fun, sexy accessories that come in various colors, styles, and materials. But just like skinny jeans and colorblock shirts, they’re placed in a giant rotation of garments that start and stop becoming trendy.

For mostly affordable and energetic jewels that do a lot to make you look pretty, you would expect they would be a staple in fashion like tank tops and baseball caps. You’d even think they would be treated in the same vein as makeup and earrings as a way to make your face look professional. But alas, they come and go at the will of the fashion gods.

With that said, we’ve come up with several reasons why women might not be high on chokers, with rebuttals for each.

They’re Too Bold

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This is a valid argument indeed. Many chokers are thick, bold, and noticeable, but that is so that they stand out. Velvet and ribbon chokers are the most common with very wide widths of 5/8 inches and up, and it is understandable if something that wide can be off-putting to some. Sometimes, women don’t want to stand out or be noticed and that’s okay.

My Tip: Many chokers can be thin, in fact. Women can just tie a thin cord around their neck and it can still look very alluring, for vlogs and self portraits if nothing else.

They’re Too Excessive

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Women can see chokers as too bold, or they can also see them as them adding too much to their outfit. Chokers definitely give an outfit something more to look at, but some women just don’t see them as simpler accessories like other necklaces. Not only can chokers vary in simplicity, but so can outfits, and when women often collect clothes that are unique and attractive in their own right, bold accessories can seem like too much.

My Tip: Many longer necklaces can be modified into chokers, albeit you would need some extra work to make it possible. If there is another necklace that you like wearing, try to make it shorter. That way, you won’t feel as if it’s too bold if you are already used to wearing it.

They’re Too Retro

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Chokers were definitely once popular before, most notably in the 90s, so it’s not hard for women to recognize them as a 90s fad. In today’s generations, chokers have been more out of style than they have been, which explains why many see it as a “90’s thing” when it comes back in style.

My Tip: Disregard this. Truth be told, they were conceptualized thousands of years prior.

They’re Not Versatile

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Many chokers definitely have a unique style to them, and many look wicked on their own accord. But for many women, they likely aren’t sure how many outfits can be paired with a victorian cameo or large, gold pearls. The chokers usually are big, with unique shapes and colors.

My Tip: Get one in a black ribbon. You cannot go wrong with just a simple black choker that you can pair with just any color.

They’re For Weirdos

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TV has a ton of influence on people. They usually are what help curb trends and pop culture. Over the years, scripted programming has always labeled chokers as unusual attire, thus, they’re often given to characters with abnormal personalities. They’re quirky like Abby Sciuto, headstrong like Donna Martin, or just on a distant planet like Phoebe Buffay. Needless to say, characters that are known to wear chokers often on TV shows happen to also have negative traits about them. And that’s unfortunate.

My Tip: What these ladies also have in common is that they have great taste in fashion.

Women Only Wear What’s Trendy

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Another viable reason is that some women don’t really care for chokers, they only follow trends. They only wear what’s “in” simply because it looks favorable at the time and won’t feel confident any other way. Millions of women have bought them in the last half-decade only for them to lapse.

My Tip: Don’t follow trends. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Women “Grow Up”

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