When Michelle Obama said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can achieve” the world applauded her for a simplistic approach to a great philosophy. Celebrating International Women’s Day is a simple attempt at expressing our gratitude and admiration for the many ways in which women make the world a beautiful place to live in.

However, we often fail to realize the contribution that a woman makes to our lives and a mere acknowledgment of her efforts can make her day memorable. This Women’s Day, let us all take the opportunity and truly celebrate the real spirit of womanhood.

Here are some ways in which you can express her importance in your life…

1) Plan A Surprise


You can plan a surprise dinner date at your girlfriend’s favorite restaurant. Maybe you can plan a visit to your best friend’s office with some fresh flowers. Bake your mom her favorite pie, or simply help your wife with the dishes.

2) Write A Letter


In today’s age of technology and internet, we hardly pen down our thoughts, dreams or ideas on a piece of paper. Take this opportunity to sit back and write a sweet letter reflecting your thoughts for the special lady in your life and nothing will make her happier than a heart-warming message.

3) Prepare For A Movie Night

Prepare For A Movie Night

Make a list of all her favorite movies, grab popcorn and sodas and let her enjoy a perfect movie night to her heart’s content. She deserves relaxation and a break from her everyday routine.

4) Gift Her Jewelry

Gift her a jewelry piece

The most thoughtful of all the gift ideas for women’s day celebration would be a sparkling jewelry piece. It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and any woman would surely vouch for it. But your wife will also love to stand out from the crowd with a spellbinding sapphire ring as her gift for women’s day celebration. You can also gift a ring or a pendant adorned with her birthstone. A pair of pretty pink sapphire earrings will delight your best friend or your lovely sister, while a classic pearl strand or a dazzling amethyst bracelet is sure to charm your mother!

Take a look at Angara’s assortment of beautiful diamond and colored gemstone jewelry and you are sure to find something that matches their style.

5) Spend Quality Time

Spend Quality Time

While our busy lives take most of our time, you can plan to spend a few moments of your day with the special lady in your life and thank her for being supportive and understanding at all times. A great conversation can do wonders!

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